The first step is to decide when you want to start your course in the school of your choice.

The second step is to understand the test format and structure correctly.

When you start the actual preparations for the test, you need to decide whether to opt for self-study guides, a prep course with direct interaction with tutors, an online prep course or private teaching.

But before you decide on the method of preparation, it is best to take a practice test to determine your weak areas.

Experts say that the ideal time to launch your GRE campaign is four to twelve weeks before the test, so that you can get everything you have learnt well grounded in your mind. Whatever your period of preparation is, you should acquire the following must-have resources right at the start; the ETS Official GRE guide, the ETS PowerPrep software, a notebook to keep track of your progress, the official GRE quantitative practice questions, the official GRE verbal practice questions, online magazines, a good dictionary and membership in an online   GRE prep course if you can afford it.

Your study program may be cleverly designed, and you may be preparing most studiously, but you still need to be familiar with the actual test conditions.

The ETS’s PowerPrep free software is an excellent source of practice questions. But only two practice tests are available, so you can probably take one in the middle of your study programme and one at the end. However, other prep companies provide a number of practice tests and the more tests you complete, the better prepared you will be.

Tips for GRE test day

  • You need to learn to manage your preparation-time well and also the time allowed at the test.
  • You will have to answer the initial questions correctly to receive tougher questions that carry higher points. For this, you need to devise a test strategy.
  • The GRE tests not just your verbal and quantitative skills, but also the state of your mind and body, A focus on test preparation should not take your attention away from  a proper daily regimen that includes a healthy diet, exercise and most importantly, adequate sleep.

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