There are lots of GRE testing centers in Nigeria, search for any one close to you and you can register with them. You must however, ensure that they have some credibility before you register to write your exam with them.

There are two formats of the GRE test; these are the online version and the written version.

Most GRE TESTING CENTRES in Nigeria make use of the online version and you will be required to carry out the test online at the designated centers.

Here is a step by step process on how to register for GRE in Nigeria:

  1. Identify a suitable centre that is approved to conduct the test in Nigeria.
  2. Pick a suitable date from what is available at the center.
  3. Make necessary payments to the designated centre.
  4. Fill out a registration form with any of the chosen test centers.

GRE Testing Centres and Dates in Nigeria


August 11th and 20th 2017

September 15th 2017

October 1st and 2nd 2017

November 2nd and 5th 2017

December 1st, 4th and 6th 2017


August 11th and 15th 2017

September 1st 2017

October 1st 2017

November 1st 2017

December 1st 2017


September 28th 2017

October 7th and 19th 2017

November 16th 2017

December 6th 2017

GRE test takers in Nigeria will need an international passport as an identifying document on the examination day. It is advised that GRE test takers should prepare at least 8 weeks before sitting for the test.

The Educational Resource Agency (TERA) is known for its successful GRE Test registration, registration can be done online at our various branches in Nigeria.   Ensure that you register with us before the deadlines.

For more information: 09037000093, 09037000092.


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