Zeta Brent has an excellent relationship with embassies around the world and can offer you a good study visa abroad as a student and visa information not to forget seamless experience in applying for visas of any kind. i.e. Dubai Visa, USA visa, Schengen Visa, United Kingdom Visa and even a South African Visa.
Our team of experts in Visa Processing and Visa consulting are capable of help you through the complex process of preparing and submitting your application for visa. Aspiring candidates can benefit from our support package and advice which is designed to make sure you are well prepared. Rest your fears because with Zeta Brent, you can be assured that we will assist with all relevant visa requirements. Our team will also make sure your documents are reviewed properly and carefully before submission.
Our professional consultants also provide you with an important check-list to help you prepare for visa interviews, if needed. Our Consultants make the complicated process of applying for any kind of visa very simple and easy and know exactly how to guide you throughout the visa process.

Financial and Academic Visa Documents

The Visa process requires the preparation of correct academic, financial and other supporting documents that the interviewer would sometimes require for verification during the interview. We guide students in this respect by sharing correct document formats and dealing with every student at an individual level. Sponsors are advised and extensively supported during the financial planning and preparation stage for visa. Individual financial backgrounds are analysed and correct presentation approaches are elected.

Psychological Preparation

Visa Counselling is a psychological process where students need to develop the correct mind-set and learn to answer questions to the point. We conduct intensive 8 to 10 mock visa interviews for students under expert guidance with feedback, strategies and the correct approach to answer questions experienced in visa interviews


This is the final step that enables a smooth transition of the student to the US. At this stage, students and parents are counselled in terms of insurance required, foreign exchange details, life in the US, the correct mind-set, rules and regulations, American lifestyle and related avenues.


Been refused your visa?
We have been successful in drafting appeal letters and orienting applicants for an interview for those who have been previously refused visas. Talk to us to find out whether it is worth applying again.