career profile

We will take you through 5 different stages of a test to create your personal career profile. This profile will assist and put together things you like, hobbies, personal traits, talents and will generate and show you careers that will fit who you are.

The more complete your profile is, the more you will be likely to see more careers that interest you.

Your career profile can always be safe and saved with us so that at any point in time, you can come or rather return and complete, refine or modify it. Refining your profile will further give us a better idea for your career suggestions which can be printed and brought to a meeting with our guidance counsellor for further suggestions and guidance.

Things career profiling can help with include:

Values & personality with suitable career choices, aptitudes, interests etc.

Tests and questionnaires can be completed. We can sometimes preapare a profile report and arrange an interview online with you if you are not present.

Always remember we are poised to offer career profiling to anyone trying to play their career

High school students usually make up our client base, others include young an older adults, university students who are seeking to change or clarify their career directions. We also help women after a career break and wanting to return to work and those people who want to make a career change that is major. For mature clients, we always advise subsequent interviews and extended interviews which can always be arranged when you book or register with us.

There are about 10 different elements to complete. It will take about 2 hours 30 minutes to complete everything but not one item should take you more than 20 minutes. So in all, you can complete a profile in over a few number of days or at most a week.

Career Profile Report

When you finish the elements, we will compile your career profile report of about 12 to 14 pages. You report gives comprehensive details of each of the areas in your profile. We then organize your counselling session which is about 1 hour. If you wish, the report can also be mailed to you as soon as it is written. This is usually within a few days when you complete the session.

Career Interview

At your counselling session, we make sure you are taken through your report and we make sure we explore career possibilities and aid you develop a plan and line of action.

A Career Assessment aims to give you

Information that is mostly in-depth will help you think about how well various options might work for you. Ideas you might not have given thought to will be explored and an opportunity discuss course, long term career outcomes and requirements of entry will also be highlighted.