Do you want to study abroad? We know your answer is “YES” because if it wasn’t, then you won’t be on this page. So, you are then. In some way or the other, a SAT® is somewhere in your future. To take a SAT® test, you have to be aware of the fact that you need to meet up with some steps so as to find a school abroad for you. SAT® is the first step. Schools where you can best succeed and discover the tools you need to pursue your ambitions and career. The Education Resource Agency (TERA) will provide the tools and support you need to succeed as you take a  SAT test in Nigeria or anywhere in the rest of the world.

We make SAT very easy. We give you the tools you need to perform amazingly in your test. Providing you with the best support there is in the market, we aim to make you achieve more on your SAT test. All you have to is register with us and we will make sure the rest falls into place. An improvement in your performance is what we aim for and assure you at the end, you will achieve your dreams; whether it is to find an amazing school abroad or to pass your SAT test, we are always there for you. Just give us a call on +234 903 700 0093  +234 903 700 0092


Scholastic Aptitude Entrance Exams

  • This exam is written by individuals who want to school in institutions that are located in the United States and other parts of the world
  • There are of two types: the SAT II which is the subject test an the SAT reasoning test which is SAT I
  • The subject test is known as the SAT I
  • The second one, SAT II is only written when the school one is applying to requests or requires scores that are particular to some subjects and or which the insist on most times.
  • Individuals who are willing to transfer their credits are also required to write SAT and study abroad
  • There are currently about 14 centers in Nigeria where one can write SAT
  • One can only write the SAT test only 6 times in a year

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