SAT Preparation is a very important step of the planning required for SAT. Good SAT preparation forms a good back up to appear for the exam. SAT preparation does not only help you get a good score in the exam, but also gives you confidence to appear in it.

SAT is a scholastic aptitude test. It tests the subject for his intelligence and knowledge acquired in the lower levels.

Nevertheless, it is not a cakewalk and one has to put in hard work and burn the midnight candle to achieve success in SAT. If it is something you really want, you have to put in extra time and effort, to succeed.

Preparation is required for any exam, but there is a difference in the way you prepare for different exams. SAT preparation must be done according to the style of the test. You must know what is expected of you and then prepare. To succeed in SAT, you must start to study about 3 months in advance.

Before you start SAT preparation, you must be familiar with the pattern of the test. Only then can you get a clear idea about how to prepare. This will also help you to avoid wasting time on useless things as you will know what exactly can be asked.

Check out general methods you will need to take to get ready for the SAT, all the way from registration to the test day;

  • Register for the test.
  • Get Oriented to the overall structure and format of the test.
  • Become Familiar with the content and the feel of the test.
  • Figure out your weaknesses.
  • Set a score goal.
  • Make a study schedule.
  • Review important content.
  • Learn test strategies.
  • Be ready for test day.

Students who choose to take The Educational Resource Agency’s Prep classes, do so at their advantage. They want to be in the top 5% of all students aiming for the most competitive universities. We have designed SAT prep tutorials according to our years of undefeatable experience.

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