What is computer-based test (CBT)?

Computer-based test (CBT) are instructions which is delivered by a computer system. A course (CBT) may also be given through a software/program installed on a computer system either through the internet, intranet or a cooperate digital channel. Some CBTs are web-based and can be done via a web-based training. A very wide range of subjects can be thought using CBT and if not most, all.

Computer-based testing can be said to be a good way to offer the GED® test. It creates the opportunity to allow centers for testing offer a more consistent test delivery, reporting and improve the security in testing.


  • One person per test on a single computer at a center approved for testing
  • It is done online
  • Just like testing center where paper is used, CBT centers are reviewed and approved to ensure test takers receive the best experience for the test taken.
  • Training for jurisdiction and test center administrators is included in set up of a new testing center
  • Testing centers can use desktop computers or laptop computers, as long as minimum requirements are met
  • Only 2 computers are required to become a testing center

Computer-based test – How will the process change?

  • Before now, sitting fees collection vary. Sometimes, it was based on the location of the test. Now, sitting fees are now collected at the time of the application via the ASNT website and the certificate application fee is also collected.
  • Using Pearson Vue to schedule exams

Benefits to you with the new implementation of Computer Based Testin

  • Fees are paid upfront to ASNT to process certification and payments for exams or tests, making sure there is a quicker process. You do not have to pay a fee separate fro the test center anymore.
  • Schedule your exam when it’s convenient for you, whether it be right after training, or you take some time and schedule in the future.
  • Thousands of test centers worldwide from which to choose, including ASNT Partners. Please note: you will still need to schedule through your Pearson Vue account to take an exam with the ASNT Partner.
  • With CBT you will have instant results and access to your exam scores. Examinations with essay responses will not receive onsite results as they will require additional validation.

Please note that a VALID international passport is required to sit for the exam.